Four Seasons Gallery


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A gallery of four seasons have been put together for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy all four seasons in Birchwood WI, where the Cobblestone Bed & Breakfast Inn is located.
Winter is white on white, we have large snowfalls here and many outdoor activities. Skiing is the Cobblestones favorite. Located a short distance is the Blue Hills where you can cross country ski or nearby "Christie Mountain" where you can downhill ski. The Cobblestone B&B is also located on The Tuscobia Trail for snowmobiling. Fall is bursting with color as well as sound. Venture onto The Tuscobia Trail for a romp with an ATV.

Fall is my personal favorite season. The first Saturday of October is the "The Cranberry Festival" and is an unforgettable experience. You can also drive a short distance to Christie Mountain and take the ski lift up above the trees to see the beautiful Fall colors.

In Spring come and see all the trees in bloom and our state flower the Trillium blanket the forest cover Spring is awesome so many baby birds being born and new buds on the trees. Bring your binoculars we have majestic pines and ash tress that have housed birds for a 100 years.

Summer is splendid too you can sit and relax outdoors and just do nothing but take in the smells of cookouts. Our unique area offers many activities to enjoy and sights to see during your stay.Favorite places at the B&B are on the front porch swinging or in the back yard napping on the hammock. Birchwood is known as the "Four Corners" and is centrally located between Rice Lake, Spooner, Ladysmith and Hayward Wisconsin. Every season has its own uniqueness to explore. In summer come and boat, swim or ski the more than 10,000 lakes that make Wisconsin one of the most sought fishing destinations in the USA. Every lake seems to be famous for catching a different type of fish. It is hard to say which of the 4 seasons is the most beautiful because the extremeness is the beauty of each. Everyone has a favorite, which one of the four seasons will be your favorite. You will have to come to Birchwood in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and pick yours.